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Thanks – and see you again soon!  

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Skiing on 5, 6 and 7 Oct

What fanatastic conditions! Sea like a mill pond and brilliant skiing. Only spoilt by the driver/instructor.

Seriously, Reg, it was great to make such a big improvement in my slaloming and I couldn't have done it without your help.

As always, we solved all the world's problems in the Victoria Cafe afterwards.

Looking forward to the next time.



There is never a dull moment in the company of Ski Reg - a good laugh ,a great Teacher of Skiing and a good mate to have

.Year in and Year out , You can rely on him to enliven your Holiday experience ..KISS KISS _ Fiona Frida , Fredie .


Tenerife - Sun, Sea and Skireg, what a combination!  -     Tony Howe 02 /04 /2013

Back a week now and just recovered from my latest battles, with the sea and Reg.

It's funny how you arrive in Tenerife after a year away and go down to Puerto Colon wondering what's new. So I walked along the pontoon to find that, of course, nothing had changed. Same boat at the same mooring................but no Reg. He's usually there before me, so he must have over slept, but came up with some excuse.

Naturally, Reg started with an insult, even before we went skiing. I saw him in the street, and he blanked me. It was only because Mary was with him that he felt he had to speak. I wonder why I bother, until we get in the water.

Mono-skiing, the first after a year was really hard, but lots of fun. Next time I met Andy and Duncan. Duncan was learning, so before we went out Reg took him off for a private session. Don't know what they got up to, but Duncan had a smile on his face.............. and at the third attempt  he'd cracked it! Well done!


Coffee after the skiing and Reg comes out with his fund of stories. This time he tells us that he was once asked to be a stand in for Jack Nicholson. My first thought "yeah, right!" Then it struck me that Jack Nicholson is a wizened, miserable, Guy who can't ski. Where would you find a competent skiier to fit that description???

Clients Do Not believe Me when I tell them  that I have a Very Hard Life out here ??? Yet I insult this Guy every time He comes , in the HOPE of changing His Nature – No Chance . see above – Have Fun Tony my Friend .




 Hi Reg       07/April/2013

Hope you’re doing ok and struggling on as ever it was a truly humbling experience to see just how hard a life some people have and it has truly made me appreciate how easy I have it at home! Thanks for a great week, skiing, coffee, tour guide, imaginary street performers you name it I had it! But seriously I recon if you can get me up and skiing you can get any one up, shame my best run was obscured by the mid-morning full moon!!


So when you’ve put your Barraquito down and climbed down from your hammock you can stick this up on your guest book.-    Duncan Allen – Thanks Reg




 "March 2013. Just back from a week in Tenerife with my son. I had a great week of skiing, but I think my son was a bit apprehensive having heard about Reg over the past years that I have been going. However, for a change, Reg was being quite restrained and polite (apart from to me - but you let that wash over you, don't you?!). However, on our last day, Reg changed.... Gone were the polite and helpful suggestions - back came the 'basic, graphical approach'!! As this is a public document, I won't go into details, but those of you who have known Reg as long as I have will certainly have experienced this 'teaching method'! But - it worked!! I think my son may need time to get over the shock, but we both had a great time! Thanks. Reg!"

Andy Allen,



Was it really 10 years ago that I made a comment in your guest book?  I know we have been at least  a couple of times since then but failed

 to make  comments in your guest book.  Now to make amends for this omission….


My husband (Lew) and I have just had our first foreign holiday together without our girls in over 16 years.  It was just like old times… except better…

 as we really enjoyed the freedom of being free to focus on just what we wanted to do.   Which involved skiing every morning the water would allow,

 a total of 5 out of 6 possible days.  Having skied for over 20 years with Reg it has lost none of its thrill and excitement.  It makes me feel

 20 years younger when I am out on the water Mono Skiing and I know I have a massive smile on my face each time.  All the cares and

 responsibilities of home life forgotten in a moment of   PURE  ENJOYMENT.  Here's to next year ..


If anyone is wondering,,, our two girls were not left home alone.  They both had a very enjoyable holiday with the school snow skiing in Italy. 

 So we are not totally selfish and irresponsible!


Jude (Judith Mumby22 2 2013


“Finally got back to Tenerife after an absence of about 2 ½ years. Having made sure that Reg was still engaged in his ‘hard life’ I booked the week out for skiing (after all, that’s why I went!) So, less than 12 hours after getting off the plane, it was down to Puerto Colon bright and early and, after a quick refresher on dry land, it was into the boat and out to sea. Life vest on, plunged into the Atlantic, skis on and then, to my surprise, up first pull! What a buzz! The week passed all too quickly and, for once, I was ‘praised’ for my progress and listening ability. Very little of the customary abuse!! On a serious note, though, however much banter and light-heartedness goes on on the boat, underlying everything is Reg’s concern for the safety of everyone – not just in the boat or being pulled behind it, but divers, swimmers and other craft. Reg – you are still ‘The Man’ when it comes to water skiing! I agree with other entries – why would you do it in a wetsuit in a cold lake in UK?? Had a great time – really feel that I had improved (listening as well as skiing!) and above all, you’re right – life doesn’t end at 60!!!”

Andy Allen 30 04 2012


Hi Reg, 

Hope you're well. Finally getting round to emailing you.

Many thanks for my first lesson back in December - and for your patience! I had lots of fun and am looking forward to having another go at it. Already looking forward to my next trip to Tenerife and more water-skiing. There's nothing like sea, sun and skiing.

All the best for the new year. See you in 2012!

Best wishes,


Malle (Loughborough) 31.12-2011-


I've been diagnosed with PSRSD after returning from my trip to Tenerife. The doc said it's cumulative and addictive and brought on by systematic insults and abuse over a number of years. The only cure is to stop visiting Tenerife and especially not to ski. The problem is I've been skiing with Reg for 25 years now. He taught me to mono and I have a brilliant time skiing, but the insults are really getting to me.

What should I do?

I guess I'll put up with it and keep seeking the high behind the boat - the most fun you can have standing up.

What is PSRSD you ask?

Post Ski Reg Stress Disorder.

 PS. The real reason I go is for the coffee at the Victoria Cafe. It's always nice to have a coffee after performing.

 Reg, it was great to see you again and love to Mary

Tony 10/04/2011


Acabo de volverme una adicta al esquí acuático! Llevo ya 6 clases con Reg y estoy enganchada :). Cada clase es una aventura, una injección de energía y adrenalina, en un entorno natural precioso - aguas azules, sol y con vistas panorámicas del Teide y las montañas, incluso he llegado a ver peces voladores mientras esquiaba! Es uno de los deportes más divertidos que he hecho, y Reg es un profesor fantástico quien a la primera ya te consigue  poner de pie sobre los esquís y cada día te va a aportando otro pequeño reto para ir consolidando tu base y hacerte sentir cómodo y seguro. No te lo pierdas!!! Gracias Reg por esta super experiencia!!!

         A TENERIFE GIRL TRANSLATION BELOW --             Un abrazo Rosy  20JULY 2010


I have now been on 6 lessons with Reg and I am totally hooked, and I will definitely continue! Every time I am learning something new and getting better, in a fun and efortless way! He is an amazing instructor and if you follow his advise you will be on your skies before than you will think! I absolutely recommend trying water skiing, it is exhilarating, an energy booster, fast and fun! Getting yourself up and swinging from one side to the other, on waves or flat water is one of the most fun things I have done. Dont miss out on this opportunity with Reg!!

Un abrazo Rosy



Dear Reg!                                FROM MY RUSSIAN SKI-ERS  NOW MY FRIENDS -

8th May, 2010

Greetings from sunny Finland from your  Russian / Ukranian / Finnish speaking pupils and, hopefully, friends Elena and Nikolai!
Thank you for an unforgettable time spent on board of your boat and ski with so unique teacher!

We look forward to the next, already 4-th meeting in the next year!

Good luck for both
 and greetings to your wife  Mary!......

Thanks vm

Elena + Nikolai

Helsinki, Finland


Дорогой Reg!             In Russian from My Friends Above -


Привет из солнечной Финляндии от твоих Русско-украинско-финских учеников  и, надеюсь, друзей Елены и Николая!

Спасибо за незабываемое время, проведенное на борту твоего катера и на лыжах с бесподобным  преподавателем!

Надеемся на  очередную, уже 4-ю встречу в следующем году!

Удачи всем  и привет твоей жене Mary!


Елена и Николай  8 Мая 2010



Dave Sutherland to skiing 23 July looking forward to our return in OCT 
Hello Reg & Mary,
hope you are both keeping well, I am looking forward when we are back in October, to moving up now to learn Mono Ski-ing & then onto the ski jumps that you have just around the Harbour entrance, cant wait to make Reg's life harder than he has now ha ha ha, as you know, my Wife & myself were first timers not really knowing what to expect from this ski-ing adventure, but we thought we would give it a go & I have to be honest & say that I enjoyed the first land lesson the best with you, looking at the 'Milkman Position', that was great, but it was just as good when we hit the water & a real adrenalin buzz when you got me up ski-ing, that I just had to come back for several more lessons with you, not only because it was really good enjoyable relaxing fun, which you made sure we both had during the lessons, but it was also totally great to be able to learn something really new! away from the normal Holiday excursions & something that my Wife & myself could enjoy & do together. 

As the saying go's, 'you can't learn an old dog new tricks', well Reg, I think you may have broke that myth, as you have taught this oldish dog something new, along with some tricks as well. On a final note, I mentioned to you when we were chatting one day & would like to point out as well again, but your Safety thoughts & considerations for everyone that you teach, are really outstanding & it does pay off big time to listen to your advice, not just where Safety is concerned, but during the lessons as well, I am so glad you teach the way you do & that I LISTENED to you, why? because I truly enjoyed the new experience & I am not suffering from any aches or pains, had i not listened to your good advice, I am so sure that I would be feeling some after pain now.

I would always highly recommend to anyone who has never tried this great sport before & wanted to give it a shot, to mail you for a booking & not to wander about the Island looking at some of the tempting alternatives that maybe on offer.


Jenni 22nd July 2009

Had a great time skiing as usual. Next time i wont need as much warm up hopefully with the monoskiing. People keep asking why i dont just do it here in Scotland. Let me think! Sun, bikini, sea, sand, heat, good teacher ,nice people or Dull, rain, wetsuit,inland lake, medeocre teaching, different people everytime. Think I know what I would prefer. See you again in October. 
Hope Mary got on ok with her pilates thing.  22nd July 2009


caroline sutherland to skireg 
HI REG Thanks for the great start to water skiing had a brill time and hopefully will follow up on what you taught me when next out there its a FUN sport and your patients and way of teaching is something i am sure i WONT FORGET your a fun guy with a great love of life take care say hi to Mary Best Wishes to you both Caroline X


Company: Telephone: 4407738922556     -- 15-01-2009

Comments: Hi Reg, you were more FUN than what any human deserves. Thanks for being patient with me, getting up on the Wakeboard. If only I listened to you the first time, it would have been much easier. I would recommend Ski Reg for learning Wakeboarding or Waterskiing, or anything else he can teach you. This man is a 1 in a million talent, thanks again...
Kind Regards,  Jaques Els                                                                                                                                                                                                                ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks for the great skiing as usual. Really chuffed at getting up on one ski this holiday. Feel ive got a long way to go after watching Garry but gives me something to aim for. Was really pleased for andy - well done there. Your a professional now. You are one of Regs' Skiers. Thanks for your help as well. Have sent a couple of pics as reminders. Lots of love to Mary.
Jenni Scott


Thank you so much and all the best ( A German Guy & His Girl Friend done in German then English )                                     <>                                                                                                                             Schon Wochen vor unserer Abreise nach Teneriffa war in den Augen von Daniel die Vorfreude auf die bevorstehenden Wasserski-Exkursionen zu
sehen. Nach verdrehtem Knie nur wenige Tage vor dem Hinflug ging der Kelch an ihm vorüber und die Reihe war recht unverhofft an mir, einer
blutigen Wasserski-Anfängerin.Die Kombination aus ruhiger Instruktion, Sicherheitsaspekt und gebündeltem Spaßfaktor ist einfach perfekt!!! Leute, gebt Euch in die
Hände und Anweisungen von Ski-Reg und ihr werdet neben dem Muskelkater Eures Lebens eine wundervolle und vor allem bleibende Erfahrung
glücklichster Momente im Urlaubsgepäck nach Hause tragen……..Reg, Dir ein extra Dankeschön für die tolle Stunde!!! Hasta la proxima! Melanie

A couple of weeks before our trip to Tenerife, the eyes of Daniel started to shine while he was thinking about waterskiing with Reg. His
damaged knee one week before the trip gave the chance to ski to me, who has never skied before.The combination of the nice instructions, safety and fun is perfect! So, everybody! Go and see Reg and you’ll collect one of the happiest moments of your life!!!!!! on your holiday at Tenerife…….as well as the aching muscles


2008/9/28 Chad Hooper Well, I haven't yet experienced Ski Reg's skiing school, but I understand he comes highly recommended.

Personally, though,  I can recommend having Reg as a guest at your wedding – he’ll certainly liven it up!!!  Chad Hooper  The Rum Jungle  Chad and Jo

Alright Reg and Mary!!  If we’re ever in Tenerife, we’ll be sure to track you down.


I recently visited Tenerife for the first time for 2 or 3 years. I planned to go water skiing with Reg as I had been successfully taught how to do it on my previous visit and was really looking forward to trying it again. It must be his age but Reg has gone very low key these days - no more the flamboyant salesman of yester year! Until, that is, you give him an opening! Reg has a very modest operation - but don't let that put you off. He is a stickler for safety and goes to great lengths to make sure that all his 'pupils' are fully aware of all the measures in place to protect them. All skiers wear life vests so nothing is left to chance. The tuition starts on dry land - Reg explaining (quite graphically!) and demonstrating the technique for 'getting up' onto the skis.  Then it's off to sea. Everyone has a part to play from dropping marker buoys to photographer! This is all part of the fun - as well, of course, as Reg's colourful banter!

I had initially signed up for just a couple of sessions but the experience is so exhilarating that I just had to go back for another couple!

It is very true that it can be exhausting - but only if you don't listen to Reg's instructions and try to 'pull the boat out of the water'. As he says, "Blokes are the worst pupils - they just don't listen and believe it is a macho contest between them and the boat! Of course, there can only be one winner in such a contest - boat wins every time!"I loved it! I can't wait to go back! Thoroughly recommended and great value for money. Tuesday, September 02, 2008 Andy Allen


Hi Reg,
Thank you for your patience in my first lesson of water-ski. Your lesson before we went on boat helped me much. You were right when you told that all secret of water-ski is to listened you. I will be back for 100% next time when I get to Tenerife.  Thanks once again,
Kamil Styla, Poland (Krakow)
(in Polish)

Polecam wszystkim, ktorzy chca sie nauczyc jak prawidlowo jezdzic na nartach wodnych. Bardzo cierpliwy nauczyciel, i do tego widac w nim pelnie szczecia i zadowolenia z tego co robi w zyciu. Dobry humor i zabawa na nartach wodnych na calego
Pozdrawiam wszystkich z Polski,

Kamil Styla  Kamil Styla   September 14,


Dearest Reg


I am finally writing in your guest book.  Had a great time over the summer and thanks to you have progressed from being jenni one leg from Edinburgh to Jenni the Mono- skier.  Has a good ring to it doesn't it.  As usual met some really nice people when skiing with you and had a good laugh.  Believe there are going to be a few of us there in October so don't go on holiday this time.  Thanks to you and Mary for being great friends and I'm definatly coming for the summer again next year.


See you in October    JENNIFER SCOTT   September 03, 2008 3:48 PM


Hi Reg!!!
 Jillian and Gareth here, the couple from Glasgow!!..finally got round to dropping you a line!
 Just wanted to say what a great time we had waterskiing with you! (I'll collect 10 euros from you next time we're over!) In all honesty though... was the highlight of our holiday and we have really been bitten by the 'ski reg' bug! Great tuition, professional approach and a top laugh when we were out on the water!
 You'll be our first port of call on our return to Tenerife! Gareth has a point to prove as he is still convinced he is better than me... 'WHAT A PRAT!'
 Really was a pleasure to meet you, take good care of yourself and Mary and we'll hopefully see you in the not to distant future!
 All the best!  Gareth and Jillian x;

> Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks very much for the
> water-skiing lesson on Friday. It went really well and Julia clearly
> loved it. The whole trip to Tenerife went really well and it should make
> a strong report for the show, so that's great news.
>  Thanks again
>  Ben     British Television Show - The Rough Guide Travel Show


Hi Reg,

Finally! I click onto your website after many years of promising to do so……and I just want to say how much I have enjoyed my water ski-ing experience with you.  Each year in November I look forward to my holiday in Tenerife and ski-ing with you is part of that holiday experience, when I think of Tenerife, I think of ‘Ski Reg’.  You make it fun and so far it has always been a 100% success rate – long may it continue!!!  I hope you and Mary are well and I look forward to another rendezvous in the water later on in the year. Jo (the ‘Saines’ family)


"Reg is good value. On the first outing, he had me up on the skis and on the second, skiing a proper distance!!  Not quite competition standard yet, but not bad for an absolute beginner on the wrong side of 55.  Patience and psychology, touched with a good sense of humour were all part of the SkiReg package.  Great fun!"
Dizzy Bird     Laurie Wood <

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  April 16, 2008 9:03 AM       Hello there to the infamous Ski Reg.....AS SEEN ON TV!!!
 Now you are so famous I suppose I will have to book months in advance to get any ski dates with you at all!  It was a wonderful surprise to see you on TV
 on the Rough Guide program teaching that gorgeous TV presenter how to ski.  However I was disappointed that you didn't give her a big kiss as she got
 back into the boat as a reward for being yet another successful Ski Reg Graduate. If you've given up on kissing for some ridiculous health and
 safety reason then I think that I'm going to have to find another ski instructor!

 Apart from the sun and the friendly people in Tenerife, you are the only reason I go to Tenerife...for the skiing that is (!) and I can hardly wait
 until August when I'll be mono skiing.  Mind you...if  Mary should ever get fed up of you then........XX     All our love to you both in sunny Tenerife

   Fiona Frieda and spaghetti Freddie X


Hi there Reg & Mary its Jenni stand on one leg from Edinburgh

Your TV performance impressed me so much. Had a great time ski-ing.I'm going to change my name to Jenni  skiing  on one leg now.

Really felt I improved a lot this time. Wish I was back there. See you in October if not before .

Still looking to maybe try working out there during the Summer.




Reg   just wanted to drop you a line, to say thanks for a great time Skiing, I thoroughly enjoyed my ski and Peter and his son  Tom, were great company too. I will hopefully be out in October and have booked 2 weeks next April already, so I'll make sure to get more than one session done this time. Once again thanks very much and look forward to seeing you again very soon, oh and keep off them pancakes they'll affect your moonies!!
 Paul (Edinburgh)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------hey Reg,
thank you for taking the time to teach me how to ski, you are the best at the job you do
Cheers and take care
P.S Hi Mary


Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2008 7:35 PM


Terug in belgië missen we alweer het water onder onze voeten. Voor de eerste keer en na reg's grappige uitleg stonden we na 5 minuten recht op de waterski's.

Daarbij is reg niet alleen een ervaren coach maar ook fulltime grappenmaker en filosoof. Een aangename tijd op het water dus.

Tip: boek vanaf je eerste dag van aankomst, dan ga je zeker iedere dag terug.

Janis en Kris, Belguim


( our English try)

Back in Belguim we already miss the water under our feets. For the first time and after Reg's funny explination, we stood after 5 minutes on the waterski.Beside a very experienced coach is Reg also a fulltime joker and philosopher. A very joyful time on the water.

tip: book from your arrival day, it's so addictable you sure come back every day.

Janis en Kris, Belguim


Dear Reg!                    05 February 2007 18:11

Thanks a lot for nice time and lessons given to my wife and me! Hope to see you again on wednesday and continue the training and exercising. Sorry for poor English - don't have Russian characters with me.

Best regards to Mari!

Elena + Nikolai            Rozsokha Nikolai <>


hi there reg and mary, well what another fantastic time i had skiing again,
out 3 days running and enjoyed each day more and more. not only did i surpsise
myself managing to go on one ski but you even managed to get me up on a wakeboard
in just 3 attempts and i'd never even seen a wakeboard before, anyone who
says they can't ski just needs to come and see you as in all the times i've
been out with you i have never seen anyone fail to ski. thanks for another
brilliant time and bring on my next holiday. see you again soon from richard
from peterborough(royal sunset beach club) <>


Hi ski-reg                                           Write back please - 


Its nick from the royal sunset beach club, martins Dealeys friend, I just wana say thank you for teaching me to water ski and u made it fun whilst learning.  Was a great experience and if martin lets me, i would definately want to come bk n go water - skiing again next summer. Something to look forward to.  Worth every penny of it. Was  great holiday for me as it was my first time and your water-skiing made it even better.  I hope i get the chance to go back next year!  Thank You


Hi reg

Its martin from last week. Just wanted to say how good it was to be skiing
out there with you again. I learnt a lot this time and it was also good to
hear that you enjoyed it as well. I finally remembered to actually email you
this time, just. Nick wants to say his thanks and praises as well as he
really enjoyed it. We couldn't make it out a final time due to money, hope
thats ok. I'l definately want to come out again in easter and david said he
will do so as well and give it another shot. Next time though I think i will
look away when you pull down your shorts or at least give me a warning.

Write back when you get the chance


A big thanks for all the fun we had with you whilst in Tenerife, both on and off the water.

Alison and I have coined a new phrase called 'Going For A Regie !' every time we go to the loo to do a bit of business.

It must be reassuring for you to know you are still very much in our thoughts.  We will never get over the thrill of that first time

you manage to come up out of the water on your ski's, we are down in North Wales next week so may have to give it another go.

Say a big hello to Mary for us.  We very much appreciated the time she spent with us in the gym

You are a very inspirational couple.

I enjoyed reading the messages on your website.  Is it legal to 'Moon' from a speedboat???

Ken Irwin



"Hi Reg! Thanks again for an amazing time skiing! Both Gill and I had so much fun! Will definitely be coming back and giving bare foot skiing a go!! Ian x" 



"Hiya Reg, thanks so much for getting me up on the water...I never thought it was going to happen!  The biggest prize was the mooney you

pulled, I won't forget it! Thanks and see you again in Tenerife for more fun on the boat! Gill x"

Hi Reg
Was really good to see you again after a break of 12 years since I was
living down in Tenerife and skiing with you every week. 5 hilarious minutes
in your company and I felt like I'd never been away!!!
Going out with Mark and Jade who hadn't been before and you telling them how
good I was put me under a bit of pressure but the old 'Ski Reg' magic meant
I was up again on the 1st pull. It was nice to know that I can still
"perform" after all those years, shame you had to spoil my moment of glory
by bearing your wrinkly arse though (Oops, sorry Mary, I meant "bottom").
The old "jelly legs" were a laugh too because I'd forgotten that getting
back in the boat after skiing is sometimes the hardest bit!

Cheers Reg, look after yourself mate. We'll not be leaving it so long before
returning to Tenerife and we'll be there for 2 weeks next April, when my
target will be to go Mono.   Take care,       Jon     
18 June 2006 22:30 

thanks for the great lesson reg...iv never had as much fun doing something i
thought i would be terrified about! i was laughing the hole time! even this
extra scatty blonde cow managed to get up first time!
was quite shocked that i managed to get up an stay up..especially after
being so scared but you managed to calm my nerves i dunno maybe it was all
the rude comments and ridiculous jokes...but hey at least we were all
thanks again...i had a great time see you next year hopefully me and dad
again!!! definatly gonna save up! more than one lesson next year i think.
was quite impressedwith dad! crossing those waves!!!
luv to mary      and i still want a t-shirt...make me one fo next year! haha!
                   luv zoie xXx and steve says hi


-Hi Reg

Thanks for a great couple of ski lessons.   I really enjoyed the
lessons they were so much fun, so much fun that I  forgot to stop
laughing each time I let go of the rope.   I  was only planning on the
one lesson but I ended up having two and I am so glad I did.   I've
already started saving for next time and cant wait to see the mooney
again and the kiss on the cheek.Even scatty blonde cows can get up and ski.

Say thanks to Mary for all her help with my mum and me in the gym.



Thanks Reg. A great holiday as always. Thanks for all you have done for us over the last few holidays. You have made those holidays special. Great fun, lots of jokes and the best instructor around. Summing up, you taught Tom to wakeboard and then to Mono; you taught Hannah to Mono and you are still teaching me, but I am getting there. Most important of all and why you get the thumbs up from Maureen is that you put safety first..

All you first timers if you haven’t been able to ski before, Reg will get you there…. safely

Thanks Reg. Luv to MaryBest regards
Peter Thom and Hannah

And yet another fine holiday of Sun, Sea and most importantly of all WATERSKIING!  This time I learnt that you don't even need to be good at maths to ski!  Just be prepared to have a great time.  My husband and two girls love to see there mum act even more mad than usual - but what fun we all have!  If anyone is looking to have a good time on holiday and may be try something a bit different I suggest you try skiing with Ski Reg - you will wonder why you did not do it before!

We really enjoyed relaxing in your apartment too.  Such a lovely setting for either relaxing by the pool or coast line walks.  Thanks for a great time and introducing us to another set of fine people.  See you again soon and lots of love from the UK, Hertford.  Jude & Family


Hi Crazy Cockney, this is the Mad Scotsman. <>13 May 2006

When I saw your photo come up on the home page I had to roll about the floor for a few minutes - I know some of these sites are for adults only, but do you really want to scare the kids and put them off skiing before they have even set foot in Tenerife??

Fortunately your teaching more than makes up for your boat race. For a 55 year old overweight underfit pupil, to get up 3 times in half an hour was well beyond my expectations. It was like it says on the tin -  "ski till knackered", my arms are now 6 inches longer

Send our love to Mary and make sure she keeps feeding you raw haggis to  improve your looks!! --  Till next time, slainth


Reg - John here mate, thanks for a cracking morning of waterskiing, haven't skied for 15 years and was still crap!! I'm waiting for Sean to send over the pictures he took, so if there are any good ones, I'll send them over to you. Here's looking forward to a couple of days out on the ocean next Easter!Cheers - John 06 May 2006 21:


Hi Reg! thanks for a great morning of water skiing. It was my first time and, as promised you got me skiing in no time! But of course the mooney was the best bit! I'll definatley be back to do it again and show Simon my new skills! Good on you for getting my Dad out there too!

See you again, hi to Mary, love Karen 19 March 2006 15


Hi Reg,

Just a quick e-mail to say thanks for the lessons.  To say I wasn't intending to have any and ended up having 3 in under a week is a testimony to your ability to teach and make it great fun at the same time.   Started off bobbing along behind the boat and finished up zig zagging like a pro (well sort of!)

Anyway enough of the compliments or you won't be able to get thru' the Gym door.  Looking forward to some more next time we're in Tenerife.

Managed to recover the photos with some downloaded free software so I now have the evidence as well as the memorieSay Hello to Mary and get the baraquittas (probably spelt that wrong!) con liqueur ordered!!NeilNeil Aspinall   15 March 2006


ann oxford     Hi Sexy Legs                 dear reg just aline to say thank you for the lovely time that you gave my family ,they have not stopped talking about it .thanks again love ann xxxxxx


Crap web site, pity about the skiing!! Apart from that, Reg and Mary are great to have around when you break a couple of ribs and spend 5 nights in hospital You guys have been good mates for so many years now and this summer, you surpassed yourselves, visiting me in hospital and meeting up for drinks when I got out. What can I say except you don't get that from . other ski instructors and anyone wanting to ski in Tenerife would be a fool not to come to you for lots of abuse .............Oh and good coaching And by the way, it was Reg who got me up on one ski............many years ago  Sorry the ribs prevented me from wakeboarding this year.Just in case anyone's wondering, the broken ribs were not from skiing. I got them for making a pass at Mary!!   Love to Mary............and Reg      Tony Tony Howe <>


hello reg its gareth and james we had a great time water skiing it made our holiday and u r a gr8 teacher and funny from gareth and james.WAYNE PENNY <


When I think what was the most exciting during my vacantion in Tenerife, it was certainly the time on the skis. I wasn't quite sure if I would like it, but it turned out that I loved it. Too bad I waited until the second week to take my first lessons. But I'm already looking forward meeting you and Mary again. Thanks a lot for the fantastic time. For the doubters =>
Don't hesitate: just waterski with Reg!!Jo Bongaerts <>

A 'little' boy from Belgium
11 August 2005 21


Hey Reg i cant beleive i got 3 times, of cors im better than u now, hope u av a gud time standin in a boat blowin your wistle at people, or is it that guy nearly killing himself to teach people to ski???? from Richard The Turd ( youngster )1 August 2005 23:27


08 July 2005 08:28     Karen < Hey you, hope you and Mary are well!!

I haven't forgotten you, how could I!Thank you very much for teaching me to water ski again this year, I
thoroughly enjoyed it!  I am very much looking forward to getting the
skis on again next year, so make sure your ready to pull another moony
even if it is only to make me laugh!I can't believe that last year was my first ever time water skiing with
you and yet a year later I got up first time!!! You are a fantastic
teacher Reg.

Hi Reg,   Mark O'Dell <    26 June 2005 18:13   

“Enjoyed my two sessions with Ski Reg he got me up ski-ing on my first session …… not bad for a fat and forty plus.   On the second session a couple of days later he towed me for a really good distance, the technique was clicking into place really well.   Reg’s tuition and coaching tips are excellent…..even if the jokes are corny!! …….. Keep up the good work.  Cheers Mark.”


Hi Reg Just to say what a great time Deb & me had, Great appartment,If you can get me up on skies then anybody can do it,would recomend to anybody,good fun the way you teach,will be out again soon thanks for a brill time Deb & Mark ps Jez said hi.MARK BROOKS <>15 June 2005


  Hi Reg

Better late than never!!!!!  Thank you for a fantastic day.......... the water skiing was pretty good too!!!!!   I had a great time and can't wait to have another go!  Loadsa loveJoe x x x Attewell Joanne <>

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <>     13 May 2005 13:26

       Hi Reg, apart from the skiing fun I had, I just wanted to add that the beach front appartment (as shown on your site) where I stayed last week was fabulous. To wake up in the morning and be greeted by that truly stunning view from the private terrace was really amazing. The accommodation, gardens and swimming pools were all wonderful and I will definately come back and stay there again - it made for a great holiday, thanks - John.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <>13 May 2005 13:26

Want to ski? Then get an edge and book a lesson from Ski Reg.

He welcomes experts & beginners, his tips ensure they end up winners.

It's safe, exciting and lots of fun, all under Tenerife's golden sun.

He is a legend, and with good reason, so 'get on up' with Reg this season!


Mark HEMPSALL 8/5/2005  Hey Reg, A big wet cold kiss.............ooooops sorry my man its an "official" e-mail!!!; from the Isle of Man-us men dont use tongues do we reg?! Well what can I say, had a great time and was made even better by you...Can honestly say that I have been a "holiday" water skier all my life-picked up lots of bad habits along the way etc etc etc and only decided to water ski the second week, went 3 times, under your expert eye I really can now say I can water ski and  I wish I had gone skiing that first week perhaps that second week I would have gone mono?! Its my next goal and I hope you are the one to teach me. I can hand on heart recommend anyone to you knowing they will be totally safe in your hands and know they will have a good time...especially around the "naked" water skiing season!!! Reg, as a Personal Trainer working in the industry for years, having (blow own trumpet time) many professional athletes and champions I find your unique style of teaching a truly fresh breathe of air, I am even going to "borrow" a few of your teaching techniques and wife says I have to drop the cave-man attitude though!!! ;-) . If you ever find your way lost and bored of the hard life you lead in Tenerife, you will always be welcome to stay with us-and of course Mary, up here in the Isle Of Man...Can't wait to see you mono a 15 footer behind my fishing boat- dont laugh it has a 40 Hp Yamaha!!! Reg, it was a pleasure to meet you, I hope we can stay in touch and see you soon, happy skiing, Kindest regards, Mark, Sam (+Bump) & Bobbie, thankyou.


Ski - Reg . There is only one Ski-Reg . Just can't beleive we all Skied ,Kids loved it ,didn't want to come on Holidays with us but you changed that . Thanks Tracy & Rob

Hi Reg You are the best instructor in the world for water ski-ing. Everybody had a great time. Lots of love nicola Scotland

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Hi there Reg & Mary- Had a brill time with you and i am so pleased I could actually water ski even after looking at your bottom!!! I'll send my boys-Darren & Ashley to see you in the summer. Hope to see you next



Skiied with Reg in late June for the second time and had an absolute blast. Both myself and Abbie were zig-zagging behind the boat by the end of the week and can't wait to go back and try Mono.  Just a shame about the England result eh Reg? Give our love to Mary and will catch up soon.  Love and xxxxxx Stew and Big Boobs Abbie
Stewart Emery <>
Birmingham, UK - Tuesday, August 10, 2004 at 08:53:33 (BST)


Hi Reg,  Thanks for teaching me to water ski back in April/May of this year.   I had a fantastic time and will definitely book another session with you when I come back next year!  The flights are all booked! <>


12 December 2004 19:02

Every one said I would not be able to Ski .-. They had not met you .Me & the Lads can't wait to Ski with you again. Thanks Pal.
Tony  Sunday, May 02, 2004 at 05:34:53 (BST)

Reg, Although not sure about the quality of your jokes, I have to admit you are a damn good teacher!! Would recommend you to anyone (in fact, I already did). Thanks for "the best day in my life" :). Take care, and don´t work too hard. Marc
Marc <>
Duivendrecht, Netherlands - Tuesday, March 23, 2004 at 14:52:36 (GMT)

   wow what a guy this ski reg is! not only did he teach me to water ski but he saved my life with some interesting cpr techniques...actually come to think of it, i wasnt drowning, i wasnt even in the sea, i was in bed, in the middle of the night, hang on a minute...
bob fakener
london, uk - Tuesday, March 02, 2004 at 17:00:02 (GMT)

Hi skireg, had a fantastic time back in october, Clive loved it and cant wait to do it again and I am going to try and get fitter sso I dont ache so much next time(maybe i'll listen to you next time). Kids cant wait to have a go. All the best, see you in August,Clive & Tracey
Clive &Tracey Boon <>
Brackley, Northants UK - Saturday, January 17, 2004 at 22:47:11 (GMT)

Ski Reg is one sexy beast, if you can't get up with him you can't get up with anyone! Seriously give it a go you really do ski till knackered, its the best tuition in Tenerife and the most fun (i still practise every day on the toilet). I've gone out many a time with Ski Reg and its always a blast. Go on you know you want to!!!! All the best Reg, keep it real buddy.
Clive <>
Derby, UK - Wednesday, December 31, 2003 at 21:50:35 (GMT)

Reg. What a fantastic time we had on your boat this summer. Never done it before - and thought I was going to be one of them plonkers who never could! BUT, your perseverance paid off, and I managed to "get it up" after abou 5 attempts, and stayed up for a mile or so. Good job, as my son Ryan got up first time! Didn't want to be shown up! Looking forward to doing it again sometime. Got some great photos. Thanks, and all the best mate. Paul (Sheffield).
Paul Tory <>
Sheffield, UK - Monday, November 17, 2003 at 03:34:08 (GMT)

If you want great fun then learn to water ski with Reg. Not only does Reg teach exceptionally well, he ensures all on the boat have a great time. Go on! give it a go!
Lew <>
USA - Thursday, November 06, 2003 at 09:57:17 (GMT)

Reg, Thanks for another great holiday for all the family. The Skiing was out of this world. Every year it gets better ... moving from a basic beginner to a mono with deep water starts ... what more can life offer? Here's to next years improvements ... In the mean time don't work too hard - I know it is tough out there in the Sun!
Judith Mumby <>
Hertford, Herts UK - Monday, October 27, 2003 at 10:04:42 (GMT)

Hey Up Ski-Reg!!! What a fantastic day! Thanks loads, we had so much fun! Who ever said blondes can't ski??!!! Take care...until the next time! Blond Chick & Niks xx
Heather <>
London, UK - Tuesday, October 07, 2003 at 08:55:45 (BST)

Thanks for a great time water skieng, or in my case, Atlantic drinking. Liz loved it, and doing better than me was just the icing on the cake. she is still going on about it. Look forward to seeing you both next year for more Atlantic drinking lessons.
Liz & Tony Astley <>
UK - Sunday, October 05, 2003 at 08:24:36 (BST)

Had a great time skiing with Ski Reg. It was one of the highlights of our vacation because of Reg's fun loving relaxed attitude. Ski Reg was as much fun as the Skiing. Whole family got something out of it. Reg's ski instruction was also very helpful. Strongly recommend finding Ski Reg if you want to have fun. Thanks Reg, Garrett
Garrett Hall <>
Hillsboro, OR USA - Thursday, October 02, 2003 at 21:35:16 (BST)

Cheers for getting us up and skiing especially big lumux, and helping me do it with one hand. it was great skiing with you must do it again some other time. Good luck to you and Mary, and take it easy wilth you "HARD LIFE". from Mark, Ian & Chelsea
Mark,Ian & Chels <>
Halifax, England - Monday, September 29, 2003 at 19:18:27 (BST)

Hi Reg! Brilliant experience- thanks for everything. Be good-or at least don't get caught! Best wishes, Geoff (Non-swimmer)!
Geoff Sheasby
Pocklington, UK - Saturday, September 27, 2003 at 09:53:19 (BST)

Hi Reg thanks for a great day had lots of fun and would recommend it to anyone, I think you forgot to tell me that I might have a few aching muscles the next day but what the hell it was all worth it. :) September 2003 best wishes Steve.
Steven Long <>
leeds, United Kingdom - Saturday, September 27, 2003 at 09:46:26 (BST)

hey Reg! finally got our shots developed,fantastic! the highlight of the holiday: my skilled one handed skiing, an experience i won't forget,i'll be back soon to give it another go,thanks for showing us a good time:- 'the ski reg way' regards to your Mary, love from irish 'biddies'xxx
roisin&leigh <>
- Friday, August 15, 2003 at 01:07:45 (BST)

Hey Reg !! Great web site. Thanks again for the ski instructions you gave me and Graham. Looking forward to doing it again when we get over. Take care not to overdo your "hard life". Dave
Dave King <>
England - Wednesday, August 13, 2003 at 08:08:06 (BST)

Hi, Reg! Just a brief note to say what a thrill it was to actually manage to ski - didn't think I'd do it! As you said, great incentive to lose weight! Looking forward to the next trip to Tenerife - and to becoming even more proficient. Havenbeen to Thorpe Park yet - too cold.....! Best Wishes, Andy
Andy Allen <>
London, UK - Thursday, July 24, 2003 at 23:41:39 (BST)